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Таяно Адвербе - Adverbs of Time - Part II

With no delay, let us see more adverbs of time. For instance, many end in л (-l) and usually refer to an indefinite time:

бревел [brevel] → soon
ришонел [riszonel] → first (adverb)
серал [seral] → late
орил [oril] → early
хорбел [horbel] → forever
джатал [djatal] → immediately
сотал [sotal] → lately
суддал [suddal] → suddenly
котал [kotal] → just

There are ones ending in гетуни (-getuni) refer to the months of year...

ришонгетуни [riszongetuni] → in January
шенигетуни [szenigetuni] → in February
саттегетуни [sattegetuni] → in March
хоттегетуни [hottegetuni] → in April
готтегетуни [gottegetuni] → in May
соттегетуни [sottegetuni] → in June
стеттегетуни [stettegetuni] → in July
каттегетуни [kattegetuni] → in August
куттегетуни [kuttegetuni] → in September
жуттегетуни [juttegetuni] → in October
жубиттегетуни [jubittegetuni] → in November
жуниттегетуни [junittegetuni] → in December long as those starting in ко (ko-) and ending in ни (-ni), which refer to things will occur soon:

коасани [koasani] → this morning
косерани [koserani] → this afternoon
коёрни [koyorni] → tonight

Now let us see the irregular ones:

дукуни [dukuni] → eventually, finally 
тун [tun] → then
нау [nau] → now, this time
има [ima] → now, immediately
постзар [postzar] → afterwards
пре [pre] → before
пост [post] → after
джа [dja] → already, yet
аун [aun] → still

Хе форанекер Португалго курсу коёрни хадимесе.
That Portuguese language course for foreigners is starting tonight.

Кеке да има листуми.
Now, the cake is ready.

Л Attack on Titan несту сиза соттегетуни ересери.
The next season of Attack on Titan show will be aired in June.

Дом наи хорбел динед.
Property is not forever yours.
Till the next, I.L.A.M.T.


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