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Жупасуно Адвербе - Adverbs of Frequency

Let's know Жупасуно Адвербе (Jupasuno Adverbe, "Adverbs of Frequency"). They are just a few ones: 

туже [tuje] → always
налтуже [naltuje] → usually
нормал [normal] → generally, normally
оптал [optal] → frequently, oten
сомтал [somtal] → sometimes
налоптал [naloptal] → occasionally
салдум [saldum] → seldom
налджам [naldjam] → hardly ever, rarely
джам [djam] → never

In other hand, you can form your own frequency adverbs by attaching the маи (mai-) prefix to a noun describing time: 

маисек [maisek] → every second
маимин [maimin] → every minute
маитая [maitaya] → every hour
маиём [maiyom] → every day, all day (do not confuse with everyday, which is тулём [tulyom])
маишуу [maiszuu] → every week
маикету [maiketu] → every month
маинен [mainen] → every year

The prefix must be added to the time nucleum only:

жу маинен [ju mainen] → every ten years
нижу маиём [niju maiyom] → every twenty days
жуни маитая [juni maiyom] → every twelve hours

For things like birthdays, festivals, meetings and other events, add the word маита (maita, "every time") or  маитани (maitani, "at every time, in every time") to the end of the term:
ФЕД малта маитани, Гарукен Американо монаёи аполла да дисивти.
In every [time of] meeting of the Fed, the United States monetary policy is decided.

Танджоби да маинен. Мутанджоби да маиём.
Birthday is every year. Unbirthday is all day.
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