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The Hangul Script I - The Batchim-less Jamos

Hello!!! Hi everybody!!

I was trying alternatives on writing systems for the Varga language. Well, I'd found on Hangeul Script a good candidate, despite of some possible hardships.

Well, let's present the first jamo group: the batchimless ones:

starter a i u ü e o ö ya yu ye yo finisher
b -
c / ts -
d -
f -
g -
h -
j -
k -
l -
m -
n -
p -
r -
s -
t -
v -
z -
sz -
cz -
gy -
- -

As you have noticed, none of these jamos has batchim (consonants that goes at end of a jamo block). Also you'd seen that the ones at B line are the same jamos used on the V line, and also it happens for J-->Z and L-->R.

Well, I'm fully conscious on the problems that may come from such feature, but really there no things such as V, F and Z, and also the distinction between R and L is very likely a blurry image.

Anyway, hope you appreciate such things. Also, wait for the next jamo group, and the first batchim'd one.

Bye (: 


  1. So you can write ABNEGACE ("Abnegation") in Hangeul this way: 압네가떼 ( The first syllable is a batchim one.
    In Cyrilic: абнегаце


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