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The Hangul Script II - The CZ-Batchim Jamos

Hello!!! Hi everybody!!

I was trying alternatives on writing systems for the Varga language. Well, I'd found on Hangeul Script a good candidate, despite of some possible hardships.

Well, let's present the second jamo group: the CZ-batchim:

starter a i u ü e o ö ya yu ye yo finisher
b 븿 CZ
c / ts CZ
d CZ
f CZ
g CZ
h CZ
j CZ
k CZ
l CZ
m 몿 CZ
n CZ
p CZ
r CZ
s CZ
t CZ
v 븿 CZ
z CZ
sz CZ
cz 찿 CZ
gy 쩿 CZ
- CZ

As you have noticed, every of these jamos has the CZ batchim. Let's wait for the next jamo group!

Bye (:


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