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The Varga Language

After a serious reformulation on verb conjugation mechanism and also a new rule on verb infinitives, let's start conlanging a new language.

Well, not entirely new. The base remains the same as Seylum. Let's work upon the Seylum alphabet and vocabulary. The only changes seem to be at verbal system and also on verb infinitives, which must have a vowel before the da ending.

For example: znacz becomes znada, and ayumcz changes to ayumida (or ayusoda)...

As soon as possible, I hope add a tab under the header above page.

EDIT as of Feb 14, 2016: Edited a few (however, very important) things (those underlined above). Also, every dj digraph must be changed to gy digraph, kept the same sound.


  1. ayumcz / ayumucz (Seylum) became ayucz in Varga language.

  2. Verbs in Varga language got changed a bit more than planned before. Their infinitive endings are now -da (like Korean) plus a thematic vowel before (i.e: -ada -eda -oda -ida). Some verbs are just short as so (ida "to say", eda "to eat", soda "to do").


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