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Build Your Own Language

You don't need to be a linguist doctor or a PhD to start building your language. You can do it right now, just by knowing the correct order of doing it and a few things more.

According to Mark Rosenfelder in The Language Construction Kit, you must follow a certain order which he presents that. I'll put them below:

Well, maybe you look through the site I've not used nor invented any new alphabet at all. At most I'd used some foreign scripts such as Cyrilic and, more recently,  Hangul. I like them both.

If you are creating a fictional language, perhaps you want to create your own alphabet (or syllabary,  ideogram scheme etc). Personally, I'll not cover this step. I believe you can look here for what Mark teachs and mentions about it. He mentions about using the Roman Alphabet as a base and, then, show the steps you may follow in order to create your own writing system.

I do prefer using Roman alphabet variations or perhaps one of existing writing systems (such as Cyrilic), so it get easier to spread over the Web. I use to ignore the 4th and 5th from the steps above.


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