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The Copula at Its Potential Forms

As said earlier, the copula da is a fundamental particle which performs some of the functions usually performed by the verb to be and its forms, the link between the subject and its predicate.

So let us focus at the potential part, done by the form na which you can see below:

(with emphasis on future)
Factualdamu /
derimu deri /
ne deri
darahmu darah /
ne darah
namu na/
ne na
nerimu neri/
ne neri
narahmu narah/
ne narah
Imperativebamu ba/
ne ba
berimu beri/
ne beri
barahmu barah/
ne barah

Due to the potential form embodied, the particle na and its variations (the na-branch particles) aren't meant for declarations or statements. Instead, they are for assumptions, kinda things starting with "if it was..." or "if it could be...".

§ Carly Simon da leonor, de on neri aktor.
 → Carly Simon is singer, but she would be an actress.

§ Kapkek na levniai, kol narah legurmezotjaror. [1]
 → Cupcake can be cheaper, just degourmetize it.

These na-branch particles may be used for putting verbs into desiderative/potential forms.

Well, that's it for now (:
[1] lit. "just [it] should be degourmetized".


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