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Cases and Declension: The Abessive

The Abessive is the case of the term that is flagged as missing or not present. In general, such terms are related to the subject or object.

 → The window was found without its glass.

In this case, the term without its glass refers to the subject — in this case, the window.

 → Shannon has bought a windowless home at Finse.

In this last one, it is related to the object, home.

In fact, the term usually refers to a "missing part" of something, either subject or object, and should be kept before the related term.

Jusuk marks it with the -le suffix, which remains the same, for any noun.

Mado lesoijle stateri.
 → The window was found without its glass.

Shannon Finse-ni madole hazat kaute.
 → Shannon has bought a windowless home at Finse.

Madua Hello Kitty da bušale?
 → Why Hello Kitty has no mouth? [lit. "Why Hello Kitty is mouthless?"]

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