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The anger I feel of this world.

How to say this...

For sure, the anger I feel of this world. Or it would be "melancholy" ??

To say "of this world" in such context, use the ablative with the word koz -- literally, "because of". So you get koz kaeker "because of world" or, more specifically, koz kon kaeker "because of this world".

Solved this, it got easy. Engyo stands for "anger". For "melancholy", the term is quite looking: malankulia.

The phrases you would make:
  • Koz kon kaeker engyom. The anger I feel of this world. Lit.: "because [of] this world-ABL anger-POSS1SP"
  • Koz kon kaeker malankuliam. The melancholy I feel of this world. Lit.: "because [of] this world-ABL melancholy-POSS1SP"
You must use the possessive forms to specify from who is the anger/melancholy/something else -- unless you want it to mean "The anger because of this world".

Remember POSS1SP stands for Possessive, 1st Single Person (namely, the suffixes ~m, ~om ~em).


  1. Another word for "world" is issiba, which comes from French ici bas (a French idiom meaning "this world here" or something like). So you can kick the demonstrative kon "this" off whenever you use issiba, which already means "this world here". Don't forget the ablative suffix for issiba is kar!

    Koz issibakar engyom.
    Koz issibakar malankuliam.


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