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The Seylum Alphabet and Pronounciation

This article is meant to bring you the basics on alphabet and pronounciation of the Seylum language.

The Consonants

c sounds like ts in tsunami, or like zz in pizza.
g sounds ever as in game, no matter what vowel succeds it.
h sounds like in house. It never get doubled.
j sounds like s in pleasure.
r sounds ever as in promise and apprentice, never as in rage.
s sounds ever as in console. Always.

The rest of the consonants (b, d, f, k, l, m, n, p, t, v, z) sounds the same in English.

The Dygraphs

sz sounds like sh in Hiroshima. Doubled version is ssz.
cz sounds like in Czech Republic. Doubled version is ccz.
dz sounds as it looks (as the same in English). Doubled version is ddz.
gy sounds like j in The Jetsons. Doubled version is ggy.
ny sounds as something between the Spanish ñ and the final ng like in showing and flowing. It does apply only for the gerundive verb forms.

Don't confuse doubled letters with dygraphs, for which their respective doubled versions are given above.

The Vowels

ö sounds like French eu in bleu and Montesquieu. Quite like in German and Hungarian.
ü sounds like the u in French menu.

The others (a, e, i, o, u) sound more or less as in Spanish.

The y is the shortened version of i, which is used for making dyphthongs.



alefebet : alphabet
digraf : dygraph
ditongu : dyphthong
dupi : doubled
konsona : consonant
liter : letter (consonant, vowel)
vokal : vowel

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