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Seylum - and more specifically...

Seylum is made the new name of the language, the same was called Alieza and also Kodora (Kodora Seylum is the name for the syllabary writing system being developed).

Seylum cames from the Highness Asseylum Vers Allusia, one of the main characters of the anime Aldnoah Zero, which plots as the grand-daughter of the Vers Emperor, Rayregalia Vers Rayvers.

Ad astra et ultra (Seylum: elsora delah-qvay, English: to the skyes and beyond). Sic da kes nö, da makirei Vers Hime.

Elsora delah-qvay, Seylum da kirei ko kay da, da kirei nö. L sarkonsencil, on da sencilai kay audacei. Veral, Seylum Hime da Primrose terminem meance. Primrose da ┌mahidei makireice, l mahidei makireice l madippui mavera┘.

To the skies and beyond, a very beautiful girl she is. The simplicity incarnate, she is naive and dauntless. Truly, The Princess Seylum is the incarnated meaning of the Seylum term Primrose. Primrose means "the very hidden and highest beauty, the very hidden highest beauty that's amazingly deeply true".


amazona : horsewoman
dame : lady
esselance : excellence
faytu : duel, fight
hime : princess
imper : empire
jannitor : servant
jentölme : gentleman
kabal : horse
kabaler : knight
keballa : kaballah, qaballah
koou : prince
maou : emperor
maouko : empress
nober : noble
noberce : nobless (the social class of the noble people)
noberko : a female noble
ou : king
ouko : queen, regent princess
suserano : overlord
vassal : vassal

* Note: Latina Seylum or simply Seylum is the language written in the Latin alphabet. Kodora Seylum is a syllabary writing system which still being developed.


  1. * devencz : to become (someone, something...)
    * Szerazad : Sheherazade (Turkish: Şehrazat) - not translation, just transcription.

    And in Şehrazat Seylum (an infra-dialect, suitable for Turkish), sz/Sz becomes ş/Ş and cz/Cz becomes ç/Ç. So the verbs end with ç (devenç) in Şehrazat Seylum dialect. The ö/ü remains the same.

  2. I just finished watching ALL the Aldnoah Zero series today.
    Asselyum, Inaho and Slaine still alive. And the end of the anime was more likely like fairy tales' ending -- at least, in part.
    Hoping for see which next anime I want to see...


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