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Verbs: No-past Tense I


Today we will see first thing about verbs. There is two main forms: no-past and past. Now we'll see the no-past forms and later the past.

Mi znayu
Ti znayesh
On znaye
Mu znayem
Mo znayeme
Tuk znayete
Onk znayoû

It is valid for any verb (all verb infinitives ends in -c). There are a notable exception: for the -oc verbs, the o is dropped out. Their conjugations became:

Mi shabryu
Ti shabryesh
On shabrye
Mu shabryem
Mo shabryeme
Tuk shabryete
Onk shabryoû

Some examples:

Mikyu keket
I eat cookie

Shebyu mit
I shave myself

Mark shebye
Mark shaves itself

That's enough. In the next time, we'll learn how desiderative tenses are formed.



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