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Stress in Pronounciation


Today we will learn more about word stress. There are some important rules and Domenaic has some "stress guides" at certain words. Please remember two notes:

note a: Accents DOES NOT alter stress.

lena "solemnity, celebration"

note b: If word ends in a consonant, it does not count as syllable.

note c: Stress does not changes along noun declinations nor verb conjugations.

kenutara "library"
kest kenut buud kenutaranak "I bought this book from a library."

Stress Rules For Nouns

1. The standard is stress falls in second last syllable as most as Portuguese words.

laboratore "laboratory"
kenutara "library"

2. Double letters in any syllable of the last three makes stress fall in the vowel right before themselves.

allapo "attitude"
puella "a child girl"
reddere "responsability"

3. Words ending with -[vowel + v] makes stress fall in that vowel.

Barrandov - a place at Prague City (Czech Republic)
prigav "preparation"

Stress Rules For Verbs

Verbs has stress in the second last vowel (the one right before the other linked to final c). All verbs retain its original stress along their conjugations (alike nouns through their declinations).

prigatoc "to do preparation"
mi prigatyu --- I do preparation
ti prigatyesh --- you (single) do preparation
on prigatye --- he/she/it does preparation
mu prigatyem --- we (with you) do preparation
mo prigatyeme --- we (without you) do preparation
tuk prigatyete --- you (plural) do preparation
onk prigatyoû --- they do preparation

It is enough for this time. I hope see you next post.
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