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Alphabet & Pronounciation II


Let us learn more about? Alphabet and pronounciation has more issues to be covered in a single post. That is the second part and... Let's know together?

Front Diphthongs:

ya sounds like Japanese yakisoba.

yu sounds like you

ye sounds like Japanese iene as pronounced by western people.

yo sounds like as in Japanese name Yoshi.

ûa sounds like 'wa' in Japanese wasabi.

ûi sounds like French oui.

ûe sounds like the 'ue' in the Spanish surname Corcuera.

ûo sounds like 'wo' in wow!

Back Diphthongs: 

sounds like the i in bike.

sounds like the 'ui' in Rapa Nui.

sounds like a in may or pay.

sounds like the oi in Japanese koi as pronounced by western people.

sounds like 'ao' in Mao Tsé-Tung.

sounds like 'ill' in will.

sounds like Portuguese pronoun eu (I).

sounds like 'ow' in grow.


yaî, yuî, yeî, yoî, ûaî, ûeî, ûoî, yaû, yeû, yoû, ûaû, ûeû and ûoû are all triphthongs. Their sounds are made by mixing a front and a back diphthongs (both with the same base vowel) into a single one. E.g., by taking the ya and diphthongs and mixing into a single yaî.

The ûaî sound can be shown through the uay part in the country names Uruguay and Paraguay


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