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Our Father

Would be somehow interesting if we could translate into Juuk some universally known things. One of these is Our Father, also known as The Lord's Prayer.

In Jusuk Language it's titled Ha Biz Abank (lit. "The We Father-our"). Ha Abank is sufficient to mean "The Our Father", where Ha is the definite article and Aba means father, with the -nk possessive suffix attached to it, meaning "our". The Biz "We" in the title is there for strengthen emphasis. Remember the verb come usually at the very sentences' end.


O Biz Abank ro sorani da
Ha Numad na relisiji
L Ouhamad biznek rokaj
Ha volonad na soji,
Sorajasni da issibani
Eppjom brenket biznek na adaja
Ramačonkot na innoskajod,
Ramačenoroikot innoskajme rojasel
Tentareker bizt na mu eluanuj
De akukar bizt na perij
Kara l Ouham da Tin, kaj ha Mae
Kaj l Honor i ha Głorie
Da horbel i horbel


Invest your efforts in understand at least something written into Jusuk (above) while you remember the prayer or reading from the Bible (I would tell you to use KJV in English, or ACF if you speak Portuguese).


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