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Shun - just a poem

Ebbir-ebbir gizidim
— go re deri —
ak visisitudyato erre

One after one, they gone
— we were five —
each one with its own setbacks.

Fera elbiz kerd
Bizt kay vissapuld
Kenutat kenaqayt lagundul erre

The Truth came to the light
and made us broken in pieces.
Each of us endured what we could and did.

Essomreni vrazodul bulut,
Eppalosomreni suelesed,
Ako froze sure soyomni suelesedim
Lagundulyu tulkenat
— til l despairam —
Poste ke, opustidi ebbir-ebbirt latid

Some of us within a bloody rage
Cold water in the veins of other ones
As like as the ice that someday melt, for sure
I’ve endured so enough
— until the realms of despair —
After that, they just gone, one by one.

Ni iv, al ho, al ka
— czuokaz, hani deri? —
Since mol kerule Shun gizidim tani?
Fi til ak memoram dissuberim na nekem mu karevoi
L postiresti sercedoki, nul mitmi auferul djam.

Two years, maybe four or double four
— how many they were? —
From which time Shun was gone forever?
No matter if ‘till my memories melt away
The remaining love in me, no one will take it away

Fera, kese sure darah fera?
— kay sok ro menciptadulim? —
Magi saimionale mitbiz sa re gizidyekim
Tun nekenk mu karevoi.
Aun bizet l Keballa guberso na
Libera da bizi, liberat mitbiz nulore djam rupirol!

But what can be really truth?
— and how much has been made up? —
With no explanation, three from us simply gone
But it doesn’t matter.
Even though the Cabal rule over our heads
Freedom is ours, and they’ll never snatch it from us!



czuokaz : in any form, no matter if anything...
despair : despair
e- : prefix meaning "each". It doubles the initial consonant (e.g., e- + bir = ebbir) or takes a doubled p when the word begins with a vowel or y (e- + yom = eppyom "each day").
elbiz (el- + biz) : to us.
fera : truth
gubersocz : to rule
hani? : how many?
Keballa : the mighty ones in the world, a.k.a. TPTB (The Powers That Be). Also used for the worldly bankster guild.
kay : and
kercz : to come
kese : this, these
laguncz : to endure
libera : freedom, liberty
menciptacz : to invent, to forge, to made up
opustcz : to go away, to abandon
-qay : suffix used in the second word of a pair, instead of using kay between them. The q letter sounds /kwo/
saimionale : explanation; detailed discourse
sercedoki : deep feelings
suelesecz : to melt
tulkena : everyhting someone can
visisitud : setback, vicissitude
vissapuld : break in pieces
vrazocz : to be angry (because of someone or something)


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