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Tiradentesen Yom (Feriadu)

Ojeni da Tiradentesen Yom, da Tiraentesen Feriadu.

Tiradentes deri Bratisi hero, Portugaldi Dinastian dominace-paro. Dinastianak on deri l mono forkalzeci kay skortizeci, de deri lepaura. Tiradentesen audace deri notabili.

Ojeni ti noi motot znas: deri, l pestuneido"da".


Today's a holiday called Tiradentes Day.

Tiradentes was a hero in the Brazilian History. He fought the domination of the Portugal Kingdom/Dinasty, and he was the only one that the Dinasty has slaugthered (by hanging) and, after this, get himself quarted, but with no fear. Dauntlessness of Tiradentes was notable.

Also, today you learned a new word: deri. It's just the past tense of the particle da, used too much in equational sentences. It comes from the junction of the particle da plus the Latin term heri "yesterday", with elimination of the "a" vowel and of the non-aspired "h".

Arlekina da kirei? On lurei kennes, de kirenai.
Harlequin is beautiful? She may be lustiful, but not beautiful.

Nau, steju sekul posti, Kleopatar, l on l deri kirei, dja mol nai.
Now, past seventy centuries, Cleopatra, the one was beautiful, no longer does.

Another word to know is neri, which can be recognized as the past tense of nai.

Jiokonda kireneri.
Gioconda was not beautiful.

Andressa kirenai
Andressa is not beautiful.

So you learned today that, for the equational sentences:

da → is

deri → was
nai → is not, isn't
neri → was not, wasn't

You can use it also for the 1nd and 2nd person, since the corresponding pronoun be provided; otherwise, better you get rid of them.


  1. Just a bit more:

    You cannot use the -neri ending on "kirei" instead of "deri kirei". They mean different things.

    Kleopatar kireneri → Cleopatra was not beautiful (possible alternative is "deri kirenai")
    Kleopatar deri kirei → Cleopatra was beautiful.

  2. For the future tense: add -raha or just -rah to da/nai:

    Szerazad kirei. Amanda kirenaraha → Sheherazade is beautiful. Amanda never will.
    Szerazad darah kirei nö → Sheherazade will be a beautiful woman.


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