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Reformulation of my Conlang Blogs

Hi ^^

Just now I've decided to join all my conlang blogs I founded into a new one. "New" here is in the sense of type of blog. Each one of the old ones were talking about one language (i.e., one blog to Domenaic, other blog to Szion, another one to Likaone etc.). Since began to schematize Alieza a few days ago (in truth, mostly verb conjugations, since I keep recycling the rest from the others, changing some minor things around grammar and spelling. So imported all posts from the Domenaic and Szion blogs into Likaone and, so, changed its thematic to "Alarido Conlangs" where I'm intending to present all future conlangs (if they).

Specific summaries about these languages can be found into their imported posts and, futurely, maybe consolidated into a few pages, accessible by the main page of the blog.

Happy 2015!!!


Fiszpan Porcel a.k.a. Alarido
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