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The word botan means Beginning in Szion language -- specially if it refers to an event.

Szion is the shorter name for Szion-l-Sonozaki what is the language's name and stands for "Shion The Sonozaki". The name (and the language itself) is dedicated to Sonozaki Shion.

The language seems look a very much Domenaic but it's different, specially on verb conjugations (even the same system is shared by both). It still following the Russian patterns in some desinences but there is a bit more Turkish on it too (: and I Love Turkish language :) In this way, some pronouns differs a lot, specially the plural 1st persons -- miz and biz, which means inclusive 'we' and exclusive 'we', respectively. In this way, I changed the plural forms of these pronouns and verbal desinences from -K (inspired on Hungarian language) to -Z (a Turkish piece). But don't worry: noun plurals still -K.

Next days I'll post the Szion's verbal system. Get ready!


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