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News! Verb conjugator

Hello my dear people! I'm here to tell a new for you.

The verb conjugator is ready for the work. Do you see the above bar? Click "Verb Conjugator" and you'll be able to do with any Domenaic verb.

For example: enter the verb znac in the field and then click on the button:

You'll see something like this:

Did you found some error or bug? Please tell me, comment this post  (or at the conjugator) ^^


  1. [Updated 20-11-2011] Added colors to infixes/suffixes/desinences on verb table.

    [Plans 2011/2012] Maybe I make a noun declensor in the future :o)

  2. [Updated 23-11-2011] Participle system reformuled. Now we have past and no-past, both active and passive.

  3. Passive voice under verbal system (excluding Participles) is made by adding the -i suffix at the verb.


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