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Arisa i Losaria: Through the Wordings

Let's make analysis on that poem from Goldent posted at Arisa i Losaria:

Original verseMeaningGrammar/Comments
Gy tani hazamni deri Arisa[Someday] Arisa was at my house-am: my
-ni: at, in
(kaj mihez deri na)(and would [say like] be at home of mine)-hez: home of
Sembel deri nekem?[What] would seem to be for me?nekem: for me
On i LosariaShe and Losaria
Mu ha rišon i aritteNot the first [one] and the second
Morini da ekui ha ar, se arIn the forest both are equal, these two
Kirei morini, kirei onnaraIn the beautiful forest, [the] beautiful they [are]-ra: plural form
Mu sačmalia, mu aleivosiaNo trick, no treachery,
Kol ha kesen kaen disparitaraJust the disparities of this world-n: genitive
(shorthand of -no particle)

Well, it should be enought for now (:


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