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Verb System and Refactory

I have been worked to refactor the Ozen verb system by these latter days. Worked to factor them to reflect tense, mode and person. Decided to get rid from inflected aspect and, instead, let it appear through some co-verb or prefix (the specific methods are being decided).

Also I am working on some method to convey gender in verbs, too. No masc/fem/neuter or something like. Instead, concrete and abstract are the genders I have choosen.

People and place names, including the fictional ones (unless if they are being used in the phylosophical sense), and name of everything we can see, or touch, or even imagine as a single object. Such names are all concrete gender.

Concepts, ideas, feelings, phylosophical beings and places, and also things we cannot imagine as a single object called by that name - these are the abstract nouns.

For example, heart. Either an human body organ or the love symbol, the Ozen word for it is saruze. It's kinda a case of bi-gender noun, according to the context, which must guide which verb forms are to be applied. It's common and natural we imagine the symbol - or even a heart-shape object - when we think about love (for which the Ozen word is hava). Hava is always abstract, while saruze can be either.

Next post, we could see the verb conjugation table. I hope we do.


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