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This is the name of the new language, named after Engi Threepiece, one of the Yumekui Merry anime characters.

Features of Engi Language

The most noticeable difference between Engi and Alethian (its predecessor) is some taints of Czech- and Polish-influenced orthography, explained below:

Alethian Engi Keyboard
cz č czuokaz čuokaz Č (Alt+268)
č (Alt+269)
sz š szizukesa šizukesa Š (Alt+352)
š (Alt+353)
j ž Jeremia Žeremia Ž (Alt+381)
ž (Alt+382)
y j kay kaj j
ny ň nyengatu ňengatu Ň (Alt+327)
ň (Alt+328)
ł mel meł Ł (Alt+321)
ł (Alt+322)
dj gy djoko gyoko gy
(*)Valid for text processors with Unicode support such as Microsoft® Word™, Open Office, LibreOffice™ etc.. Tested within MS Word 2003. Don't work at Notepad, Notepad++, web forms etc. However, possibly you can input such characters from your Android phone.

Other things such as verb conjugation remain the same (except by some adjustment). Cyrilic and Hangul forms were abandoned and no other writing system is up to be accepted for using with Engi language.

Ok, let's make this enough for now (: Bye~ 


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