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Possessive declension of word Prova

Hi (:

A new idea sprout and blossomed right today! Let's learn something new and confirm the things already learned. I'll be using flashcards with the possessive declension of a given word, so you and me can remember and solidify our Alethian language knowledge.

The first word is prova, -k (noun):

As you may have noticed, these cards are very suitable for Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Feel free to share with your friends at facebook, VK and everywhere.

Ah... the woman in the pic is Engi Threepiece, from Yumekui Merry anime, and all rights goes to their creators. No earnings assumed through this educational purpose (according to 17 U.S.C. §107, i.e., Fair Use Act -- see the text here).

'Till next time (:


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