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Changes on Verb Conjugation

Just this morning...

... I've decided to change the endings applicable to the 2nd person of singular and the 1st and 2nd persons of plural of the indefinite stance of verb conjugation.

for the verb arda "to ignite, to fire"
Tense Person Before From Now
No-past 2nd Singular arsesz arsess
1st Plural arsuk arsime
2nd Plural arssek arsite
Past 2nd Singular artesz artess
1st Plural artuk artime
2nd Plural artsek artite

Everything else on verb conjugation remains the same.

Thee changes were made under inspiration on czech and slovensky conjugation (well, it's true for the plural persons only). For the 2nd singular person, I decided to somewhat simplify the ending, since a doubled consonant at the very end of the word pulls tonicity to the very last syllable. Also this does not alter vowel harmony rules, and such changes does apply for indefinite forms only. Definite forms remain the same too.

No more, for now. Bye (;


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