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Next Season of the "Garota da Moto" Series

Announcement of the next season of the Garota da Moto series. Let's the Joana's actress talk by herself:

Da tiz «A Garota da Moto»-t Riusirasototok. Magprosim.
Kesker tiznek sikretet hesu: Szeni sezot vanenk!
Vaitonak nult vesissek!
Rai me til!

That's it. Your homework this time is TRY to get a brief idea of she'd said in the video above.

Ah! I've decided to write in Latin script, instead of Cyrilic.


  1. the verb riusirasoda means something like "Make something to be successful" or something alike.

    Magprosim means "Thank you very much" (lit. "My great thanks"). The final -m is the personal possessive, so Magprosid would mean something like "Your big thanks"... feels a bit ilogical, but might be useful in some very rare context.


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