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I Love You

In Varga language, it's quite simple:

tett havasoyu. (tett is ti "you" in accusative form).

In Varga, you could also do havasoyu (for example, while standing before your beloved one -- in that whole intimate sense).

For instance, "I like you" in Varga is:

tett lakoyu. (as in Facebookni postudot lakotom "I liked that your post at Facebook").

Just this.


havasoda (v.) : to love
lakoda (v.) : to like
postu (n.) : post (in a blog, Facebook page etc.)


  1. Facebookni postudot lakotom

    Translate: I liked that your post at Facebook.
    Literally: Facebook-LOC post-your-ACC like-I.PAST.DEF

    1. The use of definite is enough to show "that", so using ant (an in accusative form) is not needed.


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