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Umon Gita (Song of The Sea) by Dulce Pontes

Umon Gita ~ Canção do Mar
by Dulce Pontes

Batelemni tanedu
B kuuromi um delani
Kay l lonyi revinyi um
Ro mi deri fur
L orno fur
L kirei medno or

I was going to dance in my vessel
Beyond the cruel sea
And the roaring sea
say that I was for stealing
the peerless light
Of your pretty look

Fi um darah rajo, zna ook
Odai srodzamat menlati ook

I want to know if the sea will be right
Come here to see my heart dancing

Batelemni na tanedu
B kuuromi elumni mu keryu
Mo tinek mu loyu, douni utadu
Emudu, tanedu, laesodu, tito yumezodu

If I dance in my vessel
I don't go to the cruel sea
And I won't say where I went to sing
To smile, to dance, to live, to dream....of you

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batel (n.) : boat
dela (postpos.) : beyond
el- (prefix) : indicates the place for where anyone or anything is going to
emucz (v.) : to smile
fur (n.) : stealer
kirei (adj.) : beautiful
kuuromi (adj.) : cruel
laesocz (v.) : to live (as talking about sentiment)
locz (v.) : to say
me (n.) : eyesight
oda (n.) : the dance
odai (adj.) : dancing (adjective, as in "the dancing girl")
odoriko (n.) : ballerina, ballet girl
or (n.) : lightspot
rajo (n.) : reason
revicz (v.) : to raise itself with fury
srodza (n.) : the heart (as talking about sentiment)
tanecz (v.) : to dance
um (n.) : sea
utacz (v.) : to sing
yumezocz (v.) : to dream of anyone/anything


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