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Superlative Forms

To pass the adjective to its superlative form, just remove the -i and add the -ffiger suffix. If the word does not have an -i, just add the suffix -iffiger.

kis → kisiffiger
small → the smaller

nagy → nagyiffiger
big → the biggest

kirei → kireffiger
beautiful → the most beautifull

Sometimes, i-ended adjectives do not lose it when adding -ffiger.

fragrant → the most fragrant

good → the best

Some samples:

Befar! Kes kartofelek da assuffiger!
Caution! These potatoes are very very hot!

L kisiffiger fendakiak da tokeit fikisacznak
The smaller screwdrivers are for fixing watches.

Dative of Purpose

In the last sample above, the verb fikisacz "to fix" is in its infinitive form, declinated to the dative case. If one, its object -- in this case, tokei "clock, watch" -- takes the accusative suffix -t.

Kese burgak da urucznak. Ey mu faleh!
These burgers are for selling. Do not eat them!

Ast czeet kaudulu da veslecznek.
I bought that tea for losing weight. 

Another form to express the same idea is just by using the corresponding noun in Dative, instead of the verb:

Ast czeet vesleanak kaudulu.
I bought that tea for weight loss. 

Kese burgak uranak.
These burgers are for sale.


assui : hot, warmful
befar! : caution! take care!
czee : tea
facz : to eat
kartofel : potato
kaucz : to buy
ura : sale
urucz : to sell
veslea : weight loss
veslecz : to lose weight


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