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Let's talk about comparatives in Seylum language.

You may find useful remember the rules for comparatives and superlatives in English, so you can have at least a grasp on how such forms work in Seylum.

Comparative forms in Seylum relies on certain suffixes and some additional words, like ako and ro.

Gyasi Komparativ (equality comparative) may be noticed by the use of the word ako "like as" together with the -yasi suffix. The word order may vary a lot, provided the ako item (in green) is apart from the yasi item (in blue) by a comma or the ako word itself.

Ako Laura, kireyasi Valentina.
Ako LauraValentina kireyasi.
Laura ako kireyasi Valentina.
Laura ako Valentina kireyasi.
Valentina ako kireyasi Laura.
Valentina ako Laura kireyasi.
Kireyasi Valentina ako Laura.
Kireyasi Laura ako Valentina.
———→ Valentina is as beautiful as Laura.

Whenever the adjective ends with -i, it is removed and replaced by the -yasi suffix. Otherwise, nothing is removed and the suffix get just added.

Gyior Komparativ (inequality comparative) is made by using the ro particle between the two terms, placing the suffix -ior in the adjective. The lesser item (in red) must be go after the ro particle.

Kese haz ro ase nagyior.
Haz kese ro ase nagyior.
Nagyior haz kese ro ase.
———→ This house is greater than that.

Ase kuruma ro kese kisior.
Kuruma ase ro kese kisior.
Kisior kuruma ase ro kese.
———→ That car is smaller than this.

For next time, superlative forms.


ase (as if the following word starts with s) : that
haz : house
kese (kes if the following word starts with s) : this
kire : beauty
kirei : beautiful
kis : little, small
kuruma : car
nagy : big


  1. Post about superlatives coming soon. Let me take some hours or days...

  2. Equality and Inequality Comparatives seem enough. Portuguese (as I'd seen at school) has "Superiority", "Equality" and "Inferiority" comparatives. And might be the same for Superlatives (as I might can't remember very well ~z~)


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