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" Statunpalas ni Maga Jakartan orfai fiukto kes riszon Ramadan döjönerem deri. Ledai b jönenkultni taugai l onket latcz; da mo b usperanti onk da. «Pellicie! Pellicie!» lodyekiny. Mi mo onkto deri. " — Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia.

English translation: That was my first Ramadan breakfast at the State Palace with 400 orphans throughout Greater Jakarta. Glad to see them strong worship of fasting and remain patient queuing. "Meatballs! Meatballs!" they babble. I also lining up with them. (aided by Google Translate).


-i : adjective suffix. Also used for the affirmative present tense, in place of the "to be" verb (which does not exists in Seylum).
-k : the plural suffix. It must be omitted when using numbers or quantifiers.
döjöner : breakfast
fiu : boy
jön : fasting (for some religious purpose. Use the word junno for the medical prescribed fastings, e.g., before blood test)
kult : cult; mass (religion)
latcz : to see
leda : happiness
ledai : happy
maga : great. Also used for indicate things such "great Jakarta", surely meaning "Jakarta and its neighbor places and cities.
mo : also
orfa : orphan
palas : palace, maison
pellicie : meatball
Ramadan : the most sacred month in the year for the Muslims. They practice fasting and prayers every day in that month.
riszon : first (ordinal number)
statunpalas : palace of government
taugai : strong, tough
usperanti : patient (adjective)
uspercz : to wait

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