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Mérri Naîtoméa (Merry Nightmare)

Yeah, that's Merry Nightmare, which japanese form is Yumekui Merry and it's spelled in Likaone as Naîtmeryomer.
Yes, htat's a beauty girl.

Take the word yo "girl" and its possessive declension:

→ yom "my girl" (take care on avoid confusion with yom "day", which declension is yomam "my day")
→ yod "your girl"
→ yoî "his/her girl"
→ yonk "our girl" (either inclusive or exclusive, the forms are equal as seen here.)
→ yotok "your girl" (plural)
→ yoîuk "their girl"

The possessive declension for yom "day" is as follows:

→ yomam "my day"
→ yomad "your day"
→ yomîa "his/her day"
→ yomank "our day" (inclusive)
→ yomalunk "our day" (inclusive)
→ yomatok "your day" (plural)
→ yomîuk "their day"

That's all for now :3

Dedicated also for Project Railgun and his muse Misaka Mikoto:



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