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L ho Nénosézo (The Four Seasons of the Year)

I've decided on start writing upon common thematics in daily life, where language becomes really useful. I would start with colours, flowers, days of the week and so on. I've decided to do it with the seasons of the year, since I got primabera in my mind. Yes, it's the corresponding word for spring and also for French printemps, Portuguese privamera, Hungarian tavasz and so on.

The four seasons of the year are:

primabera - spring
vérano - summer
aûtuno - autumn
hiva - winter

And some basic words too:

sézo - season
nén - year
nénosézo - nén + no (the genitive particle, with a dropped n) + sézo

Primabera clearly came from Portuguese, while hiva was originated from French (l'hiver) and vérano came from Spanish (verano). Aûtuno is kinda self-explanable.

Sorry, no phrases this time. But if you want give some examples, feel free to make them (:



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