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Pritinyela? What is this?

Pritinyela (also called Likaone) is a new language, belonging with the same constructed languages family named upon the first one's name, Viriatic, what is actually the former name of Domenaic Language.

The name Pritinyela is inspired upon Priti (a player from osu! rhythm games), adding nyela to it. Nyela really means language and comes from Hungarian nyelv "language". Pritinyela shares most of features that occur along the other languages (Domenaic and Szion), while it holds some special stuff as such as phonetics. Pritinyela borrows almost the whole phonetics from Hungarian language too, taking off the most difficult parts (such as vowel harmony and doubled accents). As it will shown in further posts, the most of vowels and consonants are alike those we can found at most of European languages, while the dyphthongs feel a bit Asian sounds and even African.

Besides phonology, Pritinyela verb system also differs from the other conlangs from the same family. It brings up the difference between Indefinite/Definite stances along the no-past and past tenses. This feature was borrowed from Hungarian verb system but without its complexity as Magyars does, since there is no vowel harmony as in Hungarian.

Well, it feels enough by now. Next post, we'll know the consonants. Bye~


  1. L Pritinyelan igek ize, kâi l Esperanton igek.
    L Magiadi igek nehize.

    1. *kaî

      kâi is wrong, since there's no such vowel (â) at Pritinyela/Szion/Domenaic languages.


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