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Ige: Dezidérativ Mode - Past and No-past Tenses


That's our third lesson on verbs, where we'll learn about the desiderative mode. The post title stands for Verbs: Desiderative Mode - Past and No-past Tenses. In the last post we learned about the past tense -- in Szion, péstu --, finishing our learning on Indicative mode.

Desiderative mode is quite simple: just add the na suffix to the corresponding form in the Indicative.

Desiderative Mode Formations
  • Verb: tirac = to make a goal (footbal)
mi tirayu
ti tirayesz
o tiraye
biz tirayiz
miz tirayimiz
tiz tirayitiz
oû tiray
mi tirayuna
ti tirayeszna
o tirayena
biz tirayizna
miz tirayimizna
tiz tirayitizna
oû tirayna
mi tirad
ti tiradesz
o tirade
biz tiradiz
miz tiradimiz
tiz tiraditiz
oû tirad
mi tiradna
ti tiradeszna
o tiradena
biz tiradizna
miz tiradimizna
tiz tiraditizna
oû tiradna
  • Verb: sumac = to sum up; to make account (accounting)
mi suyu
ti suyesz
o suye
biz suyiz
miz suyimiz
tiz suyitiz
oû suy
mi suyuna
ti suyeszna
o suyena
biz suyizna
miz suyimizna
tiz suyitizna
oû suyna
mi sud
ti sudesz
o sude
biz sudiz
miz sudimiz
tiz suditiz
oû sud
mi sudna
ti sudeszna
o sudena
biz sudizna
miz sudimizna
tiz suditizna
oû sudna
  • Verb: ieremec = to establish, to found (a home, a business), to raise (a new clan, like in Naruto)
mi iereyu
ti iereyesz
o iereye
biz iereyiz
miz iereyimiz
tiz iereyitiz
oû ierey
mi iereyuna
ti iereyeszna
o iereyena
biz iereyizna
miz iereyimizna
tiz iereyitizna
oû iereyna
mi iered
ti ieredesz
o ierede
biz ierediz
miz ieredimiz
tiz iereditiz
oû iered
mi ieredna
ti ieredeszna
o ieredena
biz ieredizna
miz ieredimizna
tiz iereditizna
oû ieredna


1. Conjugate all these verbs in the Desiderative modes: divac "to dive", kiluac "to kill, to murder", szinac "to die", karmac "to have karma", kózmec "to makeup", laemec "to live", eszac "to eat", szac "to chat", kyuac "to heal", sagamac "to make love", sagasitac "to be wise, to be sagacious", animasac "to animate", télébisac "to broadcast on a TV channel", téléfonac "to call by phone", tegamac "to post a letter", oaikac "to wander, to go away without any destiny", sóraikac "to climb up the sky" (e.g., as NASA does), hévikac "to go to the Heaven".

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