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Cadimese: A Domenaic Dialect

Hi ^^

Let's know the first dialect of Domenaic language: it calls itself Cadimese. This name comes from the surname of a living person at Portugal, Cadima.

There are some features in Cadimese those make it differs from standard Domenaic:

Change #1: There is not the circumflex (^) accent.

Change #2: Cadimese adopted the j letter instead of both Domenaic î (i circumflex) and y:

Domenaic kaî --- Cadimese kaj --- English and.
Domenaic aîedara --- Cadimese ajedara --- English anywhere in the world.
Domenaic kayaka --- Cadimese kajaka --- English kayak

Change #3: Cadimese adopted the v letter instead of Domenaic û (u circumflex):

Domenaic biûdin --- Cadimese bivdin --- English building (noun).
Domenaic kûaî --- Cadimese kvaj --- English and.

Change #4: Thus, Cadimese replaces all v in Domenaic by w:

Domenaic velena --- Cadimese welena --- English poison.
Domenaic povedic --- Cadimese powedic --- English to say (verb).

Change #5: On verb conjugations: all ye forms inside the infixes/desinences are changed to e -- except by the single 3rd person that changes it to ej.

Verb: znac "to know"

Domenaic ------ Cadimese ------ English

mi znayu ------ mi znaju ------ I know
ti znayesz ------ ti znaesz ------ you know
on znaye ------ on znaej ------ he/she/it knows
uz znayem ------ uz znaem ------ we (inclusive) know
uze znayeme ------ uze znaeme ------ we (exclusive) know
tun znayete ------ tun znaete ------ you (plural) know
oûn znayoû ------ ovn znajov ------ they know

These changes propagate to all tenses derived from No-past forms (as given above).

That's it. Hope you'd liked this explanations about Cadimese. It's just a remind on Ana Catarina Cadima joined @ my language.



  1. I found Cadimese a bit more slavic than standard Domenaic. Actually, I mind this ;)

    Slavic languages commonly use J as the short I, SZ instead of SH, CZ in place of TCH and so on. Polish language uses W for the sound of V (as in Vengeance or Vendetta).

    I hope Slavian people find Cadimese as more familiar thing than other conlangs (even Domenaic).


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