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Herei Noel!

Herei Noel!
Merry Christmas! -- literally "Happy Christmas"

Gi Festak, Gi Herei Neûi Nen!
Happy Christmas, Happy New Year! -- literally "Good Parties, Good Happy New Year!"

These are our votes for you, our (not only) visitor (but also, and more important) dear learner!


For Delilah Mesteth I had a special idea:

Volkeruyu b tulenhadat
I wanna come back to the begin of all ours

Kaî neûle tet findoszac
And find you newly, Oh good!

Volreviuyu min konsepat valuakûaî
I wanna rethink my concepts and values

Volreepuloc da!
I wanna rebuild!

Duranak keruyu raha
I'll come back to the Way

Findoszayu raha O Delilah!
I'll find [the first things I shouldn't left behind] Oh Delilah!

Mit zuheyui O Deli!
And I regret Oh Delilah!

Zuheyui O Deli
I regret Oh Delilah!

Zuheyui O Deli!
I regret Oh Delilah!

Volkeruyu b primevai ait
I wanna come back to the first friendhood

B primevai ait
To the first friendhood

Volkeruyu b tit O!
I wanna come back to you Deli!


In name of our past friendhood... can you forgive me?


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