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Alphabet & Pronounciation


Let us enter the alphabet. It differs a little in some accents.


c is pronounced 'tch' - like 'cz' in 'Czech Republic'.

f is always as in fade.

g is always gutural like in game -- NEVER like in gender.

h is more soft than the one in here, but never mute.

j is like 's' in pleasure

l always sounds like in lake

q is like in Qabbalah. but it is a sound a 'k' more uvular. Note: NEVER put an 'u' after it.

s is like 'ss' in pass

the consonantes b, d, k, l, m, n, p, t, v, z sounds like in English.


a sounds like in after and Spanish alto

e sounds more or less as 'a' in lay

é sounds like in pet.

i sounds like in fit

í is the longer 'i' and sounds like 'ee' in feet

î is the shortened 'i' for used ever after another vowel - aî, eî, oî, uî

y is the same of 'î' (shorter i) for used ever before another vowel - ya, ye, yo, yu

o sounds like in cover

ó (a opened o) sounds like in fox

ö is the French 'oe' in soeur, and the German ö.

u sounds like 'oo' at boot

ú is the longer u.

û is the shortened u.

ü is like the French 'u', German 'ü'.


Stress falls usually in the second-last syllable.
Accents modulates the vowels but DON'T ALTER Stress.


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